Our technical support staff is ready to answer your questions. However, we strongly recommend that before you send us your question you read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Warranty claims

Electronic products that operate under high temperature, with high voltage, high frequency and high current can fail. Though our ballasts have been produced using very high quality components in a carefully monitored production process there is a chance of a failing product. In case of a possibly faulty product please contact the shop where you bought your product as they are responsible for warranty replacement. Only dealers and distributors that are supplied by Lumatek Europe directly  can contact Lumatek Europe directly for replacement or RMA's.

Lumatek delivers a high quality product. That's why we can give you a 5 year warranty on your product (3 years full warranty, 2 years pro-rated).

Excellent Performance

With the correct lamp you can expect excellent performance each and every time the ballast is lit. Any less than that, then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Lumatek has the longest warranty in the industry and we always back our products.