Reflectors and fixtures

The Air Cooled and Adjustable Reflector

The first fully-adjustable air-cooled HID horticultural reflector on the market.  With hinged, sealed glass and 6” (150mm) spigots for cooling ducting. 

The Winged Hammertone reflector which can be adjusted to Wide, Medium and Narrow light spread positions offering more than 90% light reflectivity in every position. 

An adjustment control on each reflector wing offers symmetric and asymmetric reflector positioning. This means complete versatility and multi-function options to provide the most efficient means to getting light down onto your plants in any set-up and system.

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
  • Fully adjustable air cooled winged reflector
  • Control your light spread in any situation
  • Adjustable wide, medium and narrow, symmetric & asymmetric
  • Provides light uniformity in every position >90%
  • For use with lamps rated up to 600W
  • 2m power lead & IEC connector

Air Cooled Reflector

Proven Technology

We have been successful in this market for many years. Our products speak for themselves. With 5 years warranty you are guaranteed to have a great return on investment.

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