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Lumatek Ltd are proud to supply the highest quality Electronic ballasts to Horticulture. With the arrival of Electronic Ballasts, a technological revolution has taken place in energy efficiency for HID lighting. This replacement of magnetic ballasts (a technology more than 100 years old) with electronic HID ballasts is because of the proven efficiency gains. Tests have shown that Lumatek E-Ballasts are up to 30% brighter than some old style magnetic ballasts. Independent laboratory tests have proven that Lumatek E-Ballasts are more efficient than any magnetic ballast known to Lumatek. This means more lumens are produced per watt of energy consumed.


Lumatek 600W blst W355

Lumatek Ltd supply Electronic ballasts and other high quality products to the Hydroponics, Horticultural, Aquatic and Industrial markets through the UK, Europe and beyond. Lumatek products are sold into government research facilities, major nurseries, top universities and numerous publicly traded companies. This makes the Lumatek range the most proven product in the market, in addition we have the industries best warranty with 5 years covered (3 years full and two years pro-rated).

Lumatek Update

Please note! After a long and successful cooperation, the GIB Lighting NXE is no longer made by Lumatek. To avoid any Brand confusion the NXE will change it’s colour within the next weeks.

As part of Lumatek’s rolling program of development; software for the e-ballast regulators has recently been upgraded to include a gradual change when changing from one power output setting to another, thus reducing stress on the lamp and ultimately helping to extend lamp-life.
Output power to the lamp will now change at a rate of 150W per 60 seconds when a different output power setting is selected. This means you will no longer notice an instant visible change to the lamp intensity when the lamp power control dial is changed to a different setting.